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Our Approach

With modern and comfortable real estate classrooms we offer a different classroom experience. We have multiple branches throughout the state with classes to accommodate any schedule.

No matter if your new to the real estate world or are a seasoned agent you’ll find our real estate classes upbeat and entertaining. All classes offer online study materials & practice exams to ensure your success!

Our Story

Our instructors at the Triangle Institute of Real Estate are dedicated to helping you reach your career goals in Real Estate. We are committed to your success and reflect that in our teaching practices. The Triangle Institute of Real Estate is proud to provide a consistent quality of instruction at every class and our down-to-earth informal approach will make your learning experience enjoyable.

Meet the Team

Around the industry you’ll hear our students singing the praises of our instructors. Knowledgeable, hardworking and accessible to students, the Triangle Institute of Real Estate team creates an environment where fun and learning go hand in hand.


Matt Davies
Director & Instructor
Matt Davies Director & Instructor
Amanda Hallock
Amanda Hallock Instructor
Pam Young 
Pam Young Instructor
Mandy Withers
School Admin
Mandy Withers School Admin
Chris Barnette
Chris Barnette Instructor
Wendy Lyman
Wendy Lyman Instructor
Tiffany Ross
Tiffany Ross Instructor
Zack Davis
Zack Davis Instructor
Teresa Brooks
Teresa Brooks Instructor
Kelly Anders
Kelly Anders Instructor
Samarah Shakir
Samarah Shakir Instructor
Ayesha Richardson
Ayesha Richardson Instructor
Collin Brown
Collin Brown Instructor
Shannon Lashley
Shannon Lashley Instructor